Las Vegas Pai Gow Poker

Emperors ChallengeEmperor’s Challenge is a version of Pai Gow Poker developed by Galaxy Gaming that was first introduced in Las Vegas in 2006. The game is similar to the now wide spread game Fortune Pai Gow Poker; however, it uses a different pay table which includes pai gow (non ranking hands) in its bonus payouts. Wizard of Odds, a popular casino strategy website, claims they first spotted this game in April 2006 at Hooters Casino. We did not discover it ourselves till much later when it was introduced at Tropicana Las Vegas where it still exists today.

How to Play Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow

Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow Poker is played the same as traditional Pai Gow Poker, with the only difference being the ability to wager on a bonus side bet called the Emperor Bonus bet. In order to make this bet you must make a standard Pai Gow Poker wager as you would at any other Pai Gow Table.

We’ve borrowed this table from the Wizard of Odds Fortune Pai Gow Page that shows the Emperor side bet as well as probabilities and expected return:

Event Pays Combinations Probability Return
Natural 7-card straight flush 5000 32 0.00000021 0.001038
Wild 7-card straight flush 1000 196 0.00000127 0.001272
Five aces 500 1128 0.00000732 0.003659
Royal Flush 150 26092 0.00016927 0.025391
Straight Flush 50 184644 0.00119787 0.059894
Four of a Kind 25 307472 0.00199472 0.049868
Full House 5 4188528 0.02717299 0.135865
Flush 4 6172088 0.04004129 0.160165
Three of a kind 3 7672500 0.04977518 0.149326
Straight 2 11034204 0.07158417 0.143168
9 high pai gow 40 31080 0.00020163 0.008065
10 high pai gow 5 248640 0.00161305 0.008065
J high pai gow 2 963480 0.00625056 0.012501
Nonpaying hand -1 123312996 0.79999048 -0.79999
Total 154143080 1 -0.041714


Play Emperor’s Challenge in Las Vegas Casinos

We’ve assembled a small list of casinos we’ve found in Las Vegas offering Emperor’s Challenge Pai Gow. As we discover more, we’ll add to the list which now includes Hooters, Tropicana, Riviera, Arizona Charlie’s Boulder, Sahara and Texas Station.

Play Emperor’s Challenge Online

To the best of our knowledge Emperor’s Challenge is only offered in live casinos. We regularly check to see if it has made it online but as of yet we are out of luck.